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Kora by SSkanegirl90
10 points for a half pic or upper body and 15 points for a full body lineart and nearly 25 for a fully colored commission.

And 5 points for any type of story depending on length will be 5 points per submission.

♥ <(^w^<) Have a heart~!
:iconqermany: Commission: 33% done.
:iconesturimoon: Commsission: 0% done.
:iconsonicandhildafan11: Commission and Story: 0% done.

Commissions are now closed waiting on some people to decide if they want a commission or not.


Best Friends~!

:iconyellowcab-816: One of my BFF's here on Deviantart, and if i'm correct future sister-in-law? :iconwhutplz:

:icon20izumi: Another BFF here on DA, I've known her for a while, not as long as most people here however. Also known as Kaylee.

:iconxknucklesfan14x: And my third BFF here on DA, or Kris, and I met her through Kaylee, be warned she WILL spam you. (( Or Rp that's alos the case ))


People i've met, but not really have talked to.

:iconphantom-disaster: Well, he's my 'Rival' it seems, but I still don't know him that well...
:iconrivallight: And he's Dark's other rival, I honestly just met him.
:icontheofficialblueoak: Well, he seems nice, but we only have just met.
:iconaskghostcupa: Oh she's really nice~! However, we have talked very few times so I can't honestly tell. ^^;
:iconletsbattle-kotone: Kotone, she is truly nice, if only we could talk more. ^.^
:iconred-pkmn-trainer: he's my brother, but... something is off I guess you could say about him.


(( If you want to be added to my list, feel free to ask everyone~! ))

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         They did it.

         They really did it.
         Primal Dialga was taken care of, time was fixed, everything was.... perfect?
         The two partners rejoiced in their victory, Luke the Riolu, and Elle the Eevee. They hugged, at least as much as a Pokemon could that is. They soon jumped down from a piece of rubble they were on and had started to head down the path, to home.

         Soon Elle was stopped.

         She couldn't move no matter how much she tried. She soon heard a voice, and her eyes grew teary.

         'Please no!' she pleaded in her thoughts, but the voice was unrelenting in her imprisonment.

         "Elle, we did it! We really did it! We can go home to everyone and settle down a- Elle?" he turned and stopped in his tracks. There he saw his best friend, tears cascading down her cheeks....

        She was fading.

         She had golden orbs around her as she was crying. "E-Elle.... what's going o-on!? Why... why aren't you moving?"

         He ran up to her scared and confused and panicked. She could only smile sadly as more tears fell.

        "I-it's time Luke. I... I got places t-to be, y'know? It's... it's time for me to g-go...." she murmured, choking up as she grinned a heartbreaking smile and closed her, in Luke's eyes, beautiful amber eyes. Luke shook his head, and hugged his fading friend. He refused to accept it.

        "N-no! Y-you can't g-go! Y-your my best friend! W-we were g-gonna stay h-here! D-do missions! ... A-and be together....And...and...." he tried his best to stifle back his sobs but couldn't hold it in. Elle couldn't hug him back, but she could nudge him with her head.

        It was all she could do.

        "It's time for me to go Luke." she had said, to which he shook his head vigorously and hugged harder.

         She would hate herself for this later. If there was a later, that is.

         She shoved him off of her and forced herself to take a step back. If he did any more of this she would...

         He was so persistent. It broke her heart again. And as he held her one last time, she licked his cheeks and they sobbed.

         After what felt like eternity, they parted. And slowly, she faded faster and faster.

         "F-farewell, Luke, I love you I hope you know that... I-i hope we see each other again, and go on missions....And...."

         "Do your best for me okay?"

         She disappeared.


         He stared at the once filled space of his Best friend, now gone. He sat there, tears falling and stared at the sky.

         He sat there for Arceus knows how long, just staring.

         He looked down at the charm she gave him, and smiled.

         Slowly, he rose from his spot and started down the route. But before he did any of that, he needed to do one last thing. Taking one more glance at the sky, he uttered the words she left unsaid but felt from her;

        "I love you to...."
I don't want to say goodbye...(PMD)
Picture by: :iconanglaisrose:
EDIT: Wow! I haven't been on this DeviantArt in years! (It actually isn't an exaggeration.) And I decided; "Hey! I'm bored, I feel broken by all my favorite shows and comics ending, why not make myself even sadder by rewriting one of my first angsty stories!"

And I did just that.


Oh put this song on while reading:…


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I am me that's all you need to know
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United States
:iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:
Hi there my name is Scarlet, or Samantha, or Sonya, or Yellow, agh many things, and I love to make pictures and color in art. I don't have much to say so Pokemon roster!
:iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:

:iconlucarioplz: : Level 100 My first Pokemon.

:iconstaraptorplz: : Level 100 My flying friend forever

:iconvaporeonplz: : Level 100 The water goddess with the sass

:icongarchompplz: : Level 82 My one dragon friend. Very overprotective of me.

:iconglaceonplz: : Level 90 The ice queen full of love.

:iconespeon-plz: Level 98 The physic wonder and my best friend.

In Pc~!

:iconumbreonplz: : Level 100, a very close friend, been with me right after Lucario.

:iconinfernapeplz: : level 100, my fiery and, overprotective, starter that I love. ^^

:iconsamurottplz: : level 99, my friend i found adventuring through Unova, nicknamed Izumi. :3

:iconlilligantplz: . level 67, my elegant friend that i met in Unova, currently at Professor Rowan's lab helping.

:iconraltsplz: Level 50, a Raltz i recieved from my friend Curtis. -slight blush-

Derp a derp. Do do do- A this is still on!? -turns it off


PokeMMO "Dex holder" Family

:iconmillhi: : Sapphire, a crazy wild girl and awesome friend. Oh yeah great youtuber also!( great artist)

:iconluckylove101: Blue, the devious girl with LOTS of craziness. Great at YouTube and art.

:iconsskanegirl90: Me wait me? AGH! -mind blown
  That moment when you are only known for the three shitty reader inserts you made. 

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